Donating blood for 16 years and going strong

Private Anthony Di Berardino donates blood on behalf of the 4th Brigade in Victoria during the 2020 Defence Blood Challenge.

Donating blood for 16 years and going strong

Donating blood is nothing new for Army Reservist Private Anthony Di Berardino. 

Since 1998, Private Di Berardino, of 4th Brigade’s 108 Signal Squadron, has donated more than 31,000ml of his blood.

“October marks my 62nd donation,” Private Di Berardino said. 

“To put that in context, to achieve this takes 16 consecutive years of donating at a regular interval without breaks.” 

Army’s blood ambassador for 2020, Deputy Chief of Army Major General Anthony Rawlins, has championed Army’s capacity to support Australia with regular blood donations.

He said there was a continuing need for fit and healthy individuals to give up a small amount of their time to make a donation. 

“As an Army in the community and for the community, I believe this a fundamental way for us to make a difference,” Major General Rawlins said.

Donated blood is used to treat different medical conditions, including open heart surgery, victims of car accidents, cancers, childbirth complications and burns. 

Private Di Berardino said donating was an easy way to help others.

“I started donating blood simply as a way to give back to my community,” he said. 

“When I met people who had received donated blood and heard their stories of survival, it was a very humbling experience. I intend to continue donating for as long as I can.” 

Private Di Berardino said he donated before his morning shift at 108 Signal Squadron.

“Once you get into the routine of donating, it’s not a big impost,” he said. 

“I’ll be encouraging more of my 4th Brigade colleagues to donate with me also after the Defence Blood Challenge finishes.”

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