Pact leads to Army career

Signaller Jordan Massari, from the 1st Signal Regiment, sets up a communication link for Exercise Vital Prospect 2020. Photo: Sergeant Kim Allen

Pact leads to Army career

The opportunity to ensure a safe and successful meeting of some of the world’s leaders in Papua New Guinea is the highlight of a career of a young Army signaller who hails from the Gippsland region of Victoria.

Signaller Jordan Massari deployed to PNG in 2018 on Operation APEC Assist. The significant maritime security effort undertaken by Papua New Guinea was supported by international security partners Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Since joining in 2013, Signaller Massari has also deployed on several Talisman Sabre exercises, the ADF’s biannual major exercise that tests combat readiness and interoperability between Australia and its allies.

Signaller Massari, who was born in Traralgon, said he was motivated by a pact with a friend to join the Army. 

“My mate and I both left St Pauls Anglican School to join the Army,” Signaller Massari said. 

“He got in faster than I did but I got there in the end.”

The former Stockdale Road Primary School student initially enlisted in the Infantry before transferring to the Royal Australian Corp of Signals and is now a telecommunications systems technician. 

Signaller Massari said his most poignant assignment came early in his career when he participated in a training exercise in 2014.

“It involved training Australian Federal Police and United Nations personnel heading over to support the international investigation and recovery team working in the Ukraine, after the MH17 crash,” he said. 

Signaller Massari is now posted to the 1st Signal Regiment at Enoggera, Brisbane. 

The former Geelong amateur athlete said he would recommend the Army to anyone. 

“Just go for it. There’s nothing to lose and so much you can gain,” Signaller Massari said.

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