Breaking new ground in the Middle East

Major General Christopher Field at the ADF's Camp Baird in the Middle East. Photo: Corporal Tristan Kennedy

Breaking new ground in the Middle East

Major General Christopher Field has broken new ground in the Middle East with his deployment to US Army Central’s forward headquarters in Kuwait as the Deputy Commanding General – Operations, a first for the ADF. 

One of a number of US Central Command component commands across the globe, US Army Central’s purpose includes preventing conflict and preserving stability.

“Australians such as Lieutenant General Burr and Lieutenant General Bilton have paved the way for this … appointment through their previous service as the Deputy Commanding General – Operations in US Army-Pacific,” Major General Field said. 

“This posting provides another opportunity for Australia and the United States to work together and, most importantly, reinforces linkages that carry over to service in Australia’s immediate region.”

A small team of ADF officers are also learning and gaining experience in US Army Central  systems and functions.

“Importantly these experiences will be taken back home where these young officers will value-add to our own forces,” Major General Field said.

Major General Field spent five months at US Army Central’s Shaw Air Force Base headquarters in South Carolina to prepare for his deployment.

He will work for US Army Lieutenant General Terry Farrell.

Major General Field served previously with United States Central Command in Florida from 2017-2019 and with the US 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan from 2011-12.

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