Company flag a source of pride

Australian Army Force Protection Element soldiers during a force protection task in Kabul, Afghanistan on Operation Highroad.

Company flag a source of pride

The flag of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR), is flying high on operations in the Middle East. 

The 14th Rotation of Force Protection Element has ensured the flag is being flown anywhere and everywhere, marking Charlie Company’s presence for the next six months.

Officer Commanding Force Protection Element Major Christopher Hall said the flag was a source of pride for his soldiers.

“The team is proud to deploy as part of Task Group Afghanistan and represent Australia on operations,” Major Hall said.

“Our Charlie Company Flag normally flies at our headquarters in Townsville. 

“By flying it here on operations we show others that we have taken ownership of the force protection mission and we bring part of our 1 RAR identity with us.”

Arriving in the region in August to take up the duties of Force Protection Element with Task Group Afghanistan, soldiers wasted no time in “claiming Wombat Hollow” during their quarantine stay.

Two weeks later the fabric calling card and its owners ventured into Kabul, Afghanistan, where they received a handover from members of 5 Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.

“Throughout our deployment, we remain conscious of the legacy we carry with us of 1 RAR serving on operations,” Major Hall said.

“Our flag brings that history with us and when we return to Australia we bring some of the history of Operation Highroad back to the company and battalion.”

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