From rolling hills to rolling waves, Ballarat is still home

Midshipman Abiathar Templar is getting a taste of life in the Navy through the ADF Gap Year Program. Photo: Leading Seaman Ronnie Baltoft

From rolling hills to rolling waves, Ballarat is still home

A Navy gap year officer has swapped the rolling hills of the Victorian city of Ballarat for rolling waves and the steady hum of the engines of HMAS Ballarat.

Midshipman Abiathar Templar, who grew up in Ballarat, joined the Navy this year through the Australian Defence Force Gap Year program and has not looked back.

“I went to Loreto College, which is an all-girls school, and I always had a passion for engineering,” Midshipman Templar said.

“The ADF efforts during the bushfires earlier this year showed Navy’s dedication and commitment to serve the public domestically when needed.

“I realised that I shared those values.

“My motivation to join Navy was triggered by my desire to serve the community, a craving for travel and adventure, and my love of engineering.”

She said she felt a little rebellious about spending a year in the Navy as she is the first in her family to serve.

“I want to prove to myself and my family that I’ve got this,” she said.

“With 10 months of training under my belt, I couldn’t be happier with my career choice.”

The ADF Gap Year Program provides an opportunity for young Australians who have finished Year 12 or equivalent to work in the Navy as an officer for 12 months, shadowing full-time members in their chosen roles.

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