Red Berets chute for the cars

One of the Red Berets carries the Australian flag down to the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 track.

Red Berets chute for the cars

Watching a mosaic of the ground around Mt Panorama 3000 feet beneath them, the ADF’s Red Berets prepared to wow the crowd attending the Bathurst 1000 on October 18.

The Australian Army Parachute Display Team members jumped from their aircraft carrying the Australian and Army flags. 

After almost 600 jumps, for both work and fun, Corporal R said she was unfazed performing the jump for the V8 Supercars event. 

“It is kind of like stepping off a bus,” she said. 

“You’re representing the ADF so there’s that pressure, but once you’re up there, the training kicks in and you do what you have to do.”

A medic posted to the ADF Parachuting School, Corporal R said the team’s precision came down to constant calculation.

“It’s the same as anyone doing any sort of patrol; you don’t want to overshoot or undershoot – it just goes through your head automatically,” she said.

“You’re always thinking and working out your plan – where you want to land, what the wind is doing, which direction it’s coming from, what obstacles could be in the way – even how quickly your parachute opens and how close you are to other people.

“There are so many variables, so you have to learn how to manipulate your canopy towards where you want to be.”

As the only female on the team, Corporal R said she was proud of her role. 

“It’s a pretty big deal for me, being one of the only medics in the ADF to have this qualification,” she said.

“I hope I’ve paved the way for people across all trades to have this opportunity.”

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