Flags fly again after historic mast restored

Flags fly again after historic mast restored

The 14m historic timber flag mast at RAAF Base Point Cook has been rebuilt by a heritage specialist in the lead-up to Air Force’s centenary next year.

The flag mast is adjacent to the main parade ground and was removed so it could be refurbished.

Director-General History and Heritage Branch Air Commodore John Meier said the flagpole was of exceptional value to Air Force, with the original structure put in place in 1929.

“This model was installed as part of building P87 on the main parade ground of the base – the original RAAF headquarters,” he said.

“Having the flagpole meticulously deconstructed, restored and rebuilt with like-for-like heritage timber was very important to preserve the heritage value.” 

Now reinstalled, the flag mast has high-quality ship fittings, new anchors and concrete for the plinth. 

“The flagpole once again has pride of place at RAAF Base Point Cook and will be there for another 100 years,” Air Commodore John Meier said. 

RAAF Base Point Cook was the first military aviation base in Australia and in 1912 was home to the Australian Flying Corps, later renamed the Royal Australian Air Force. 

The parade ground at Point Cook was built in 1930 and would become a training area for Air Force members into World War II and beyond. 

RAAF Base Point Cook was included on the National Heritage List in 2007.

Along with the flag mast, World War II ordnance shells have also been repaired and repainted as part of the refurbishment project in the lead-up to the Air Force centenary

The same heritage specialist who rebuilt the HMAS Cerberus flagpoles was contracted to repair the mast at Point Cook.


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