Deployment an honour for First Nations soldier

Private Myah Peters in the warehouse of the ADF's main operating base in the Middle East, Camp Baird. Photo: Corporal Tristan Kennedy

Deployment an honour for First Nations soldier

This year’s Christmas backdrop looks a little different for Private Myah Peters. 

Originally from South West Rocks in the mid-north coast of NSW, the First Nations’ woman is deployed on Operation Accordion in the Middle East region. 

She is from Brisbane’s 9th Force Support Battalion and is on her first overseas deployment working with Joint Task Force 633’s Force Support Element-13, sustaining Australia’s military operations across the region.

“Our warehouse is the central point for the distribution of all equipment and stores moving throughout the Middle East,” Private Peters said.

“My role is important as my team and I ensure the other task groups get what they need at the right time to maintain operations.

“I have a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction knowing that what I do really has an effect in supporting the task groups in other countries.”

Private Peters said although her deployment was enjoyable, it was a test for someone who is very family orientated during the festive season. 

“The biggest challenge I have had to face while being deployed is being away from my family and partner,” Private Peters said.

“My entire life revolves around being with my loved ones and so being apart has been extremely tough.

“Christmas is definitely one time of the year when the distance between us will be hard, but I feel proud when I know that I am helping someone else in the Middle East do their job at such a critical time.

“It has been amazing to have so much love and support from all of my family and my partner Brandon back home in Australia.”

Private Peters said she was honoured to be representing Australia’s First Nations overseas.

“As a First Nations Australian I wanted to stand tall and be proud to serve my country well,” she said. 

“I wanted to be able to achieve the life goals I set myself and that’s exactly what joining the Army helped me do.

“I feel immensely proud to have been selected to serve my country in the Middle East.”

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