High-tech trio exercise for first time

HMA Ships Hobart, Brisbane and Sydney exercise together for the first time in the eastern Australian exercise area off the coast of NSW. Photo: Peter Beeh

High-tech trio exercise for first time

Navy’s most advanced ships this month exercised together for the first time, setting the standard for combat capability in the region.

The Hobart-class air warfare destroyers HMA Ships Hobart, Brisbane and Sydney also operated with the Air Force to develop air-sea integration.

Commanding Officer of Hobart Captain Ryan Gaskin said the exercise confirmed the lethality of Australia’s destroyers, their advanced capabilities and the superior skills of the ships’ crews.

“We have demonstrated through this exercise that our platforms and people are ready to respond to a more complex and contested maritime domain,” Captain Gaskin said.

“The Aegis Combat System provides the destroyers with advanced layered offensive and defensive capabilities to counter conventional and asymmetrical threats, while our people provide the expert knowledge that increases our systems’ lethality.”

Commanding Officer of Brisbane Commander Aaron Cox said integrating RAAF advanced platforms into the exercise was a critical milestone in progressing maritime and air combat capabilities that would strengthen the partnerships with regional and allied nations

“We are continuing to work with the other services to update, test and trial how we lead the business of defensive and combat effectiveness in our region,” he said.

During the exercise, Hobart and Brisbane each fired a Standard Missile 2.

Watch the ships in action at https://youtu.be/Dr21nuGXF_A


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