Small boats offer big rewards

Leading Seaman  Adam Smith is embarked on Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription.

Small boats offer big rewards

Working in a small team in Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription offers plenty of variety for Leading Seaman Adam Smith.

While he is the senior electronics technician in the vessel with a crew of 22, he, like the other crew members, has other roles.

Leading Seaman Smith is responsible for maintaining the electronics and repairing defects on board – including to the systems affecting key sensors and propulsion.

And he loves it.

“The range of systems on board presents a range of tasks, situations and challenges that are constantly varying,” Leading Seaman Smith said.

“Training junior electronic technicians on the equipment on board is now a key part of my role.

“The scope of work is a rewarding challenge, and you develop real ownership of the systems.”

In addition to that role, Leading Seaman Smith is a member of the vessel’s boarding-party team.

“It is a dynamic role where you have to be a coiled spring, always ready to respond,” he said.

“Your day can change very quickly and you need to be able to adjust and continue.”

Leading Seaman Smith joined the Navy in Brisbane in 2011 and has spent most of his career in small boats.

“The level of responsibility and number of different roles is high, however the best part of small boats is the people,” he said.

“The comaraderie across all ranks and branches is really unique to small boats, where you are so reliant on every person on board. 

“A good crew is critical.”

Leading Seaman Smith and the crew of Cape Inscription will spend the Christmas period at sea supporting Operation Resolute, the ADF’s contribution to a whole-of-government effort to protect the nation’s borders and offshore maritime interests.

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