Submarine spotting skills put to the test

HMAS Hobart patrols the Bass Strait gas and oil platform. Photo: Petty Officer Brendan Matchett

Submarine spotting skills put to the test

Guided missile destroyer HMAS Hobart and submarine HMAS Sheean combined off the coast of South Australia this month so Hobart’s crew could practise its submarine detection and tracking skills.

Hobart’s crew attempted to visually identify Sheean while she was at periscope depth, a task which proved much more difficult than anticipated.

Able Seaman Boatswain’s Mate Ricki-Leigh Viney was the first person to spot the Collins-class submarine from the bridge wing. 

“The upper decks were full with people using binoculars,” Able Seaman Viney said.

Following the submarine exercise, Hobart’s crew then conducted tests and trials of the ship’s integrated sonar system, and the ship patrolled the gas and oil platforms in the Bass Strait in support of the Australian Government’s commitment to maintaining a military presence in the region.

Hobart is now returning to Fleet Base East in Sydney before she begins participation in Exercise Tasman Shield in March.

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