AstraZeneca vaccine is safe to use

AstraZeneca vaccine is safe to use

The Australian Government remains confident in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, and there is currently no evidence that it causes blood clots.

17 March 2021

The Australian Government Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly said yesterday that the World Health Organization continues to caution against suspending access to vaccines. It has also noted there is no evidence that links these events to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

‘Our focus during the vaccine rollout remains the safety of all Australians,’ Professor Kelly said. ‘With a vaccine rollout like this, we need to monitor carefully for any unusual events … There have been more than 11 million people vaccinated in the UK without evidence of an increase in blood clots.’

The Australian Technical Advisory Group also issued a statement yesterday saying: ‘Thrombotic events [blood clots] occur commonly in the absence of vaccination … the rates of thrombotic events are not higher in vaccine recipients than the expected background rate … No cases of coagulation disorders have been identified following COVID vaccination in Australia.’

DVA urges you all to get the vaccine when you become eligible. 

Always refer to your federal and state or territory health department websites for the most up to date information, or discuss any concerns you have with your GP.

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