Re-imagining the future

Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr gives his opening address at the Chief of Army Symposium 2021 in Brisbane, Queensland. Photo: Leading Seaman Steven Thomson

Re-imagining the future

Army highlighted the importance of regional engagement and industry collaboration during the recent Chief of Army (CA) Symposium 2021, held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from April 19 to 20.

The CA Symposium brought together Defence, international partners, science and technology experts, academia and industry to discuss the issues facing Army and the region in the next decade. 

CA Lieutenant General Rick Burr said the symposium benefited from some of the best minds in the country and the region.

“Your ideas and perspectives help us think beyond where we are today and help us imagine or indeed re-imagine, the future,” he said. 

A highlight of the symposium was the panel discussion regarding regional challenges where the CA was joined remotely by his counterparts, the chiefs of army of India, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore. 

“Talking about challenges and opportunities among our regional military leaders was very powerful,” Lieutenant General Burr said.

Lieutenant General Burr said it was a great example of the ways in which Army has adapted to new ways of collaborating and contributing to an Indo-Pacific that is stable and prosperous. 

“They shared their perspectives on the strategic challenges that we are confronting and how we might get after them,” he said.

The Army’s support to Australian-led technology, partnerships with academia and industry, and innovation was also bolstered by the Army Innovation Day, Army Robotics Expo and the Quantum Technology Challenge.

Lieutenant General Burr said the two-day event gave ADF personnel, academia and industry partners the chance to get hands-on with the latest technology and innovation to support a “Future Ready” Army.

The Army Innovation Day had more than 21 Australian industry partners pitching ideas to meet Army’s commitment to energy and environmental resilience. 

“On Innovation Day there were examples of investing with small companies who have great innovative ideas, who we’ve worked with to develop their ideas and turn them into products to integrate with capabilities that we’re using in the Army,” Lieutenant General Burr said.

“It was really exciting. There was a real buzz in the room and in the exhibition hall where people were displaying their ideas to us.”

Read the full story and special lift-out in Army News pages 11-18.

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