Show-and-tell for students after cyclone

Show-and-tell for students after cyclone

The children of St Marys School in Northampton, WA, were recently visited by Army soldiers and vehicles from 13 Brigade and the Pilbara Regiment for a special show-and-tell.

Assisting with the recovery efforts after Tropical Cyclone Seroja, the soldiers returned to the primary school after clearing the yard and play area of debris the previous week.

Principal of St Marys School Ben Will said staff and students were thrilled to see the Army back at St Mary’s.

“Our community had been kept updated on the clean-up effort at the school and the ADF’s central role in this,” Principal Will said. 

“When they rolled up with their trucks and personnel our kids were very excited.”

Soldiers spent the time letting the students get hands-on with the different vehicles used in the clean-up of their school.

“I have spoken to our students throughout the week about how the Army were a huge part of why our school is open this week,” Principal Will said.

“Our kids thanked the soldiers by climbing all over their trucks and giving three huge cheers for the Army.”

After the destruction of the cyclone Mr Will said he was overcome with gratitude at the help they received from the ADF.

“The ADF are always welcome back at St Mary’s School.”

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