ADF supports Victoria

Private Amanda Jones and Victorian Department of Health Authorised Officer Peter Jarvis are part of the COVID-19 Household Engagement Program in support of the Victorian State Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Private Michael Currie

ADF supports Victoria

Victoria’s COVID-19 Household Engagement Program has continued its vital work over the past month, assisted by personnel from the ADF. 

Personnel are supporting authorised officers from the Department of Health to visit close contacts and returned interstate travellers to ensure they are aware of their status. 

About 40 teams are providing information to people who are in isolation or quarantine, and providing community members with access to vital services and resources during their time in isolation. 

Commander of the Joint Task Group 629.2 of Operation COVID-19 Assist Brigadier Matt Burr reiterated how important the Victorian Government’s Program was in order to keep Victorians safe.

“It’s vital this work continues, as we have Victorians returning from interstate along with a significant number of people who have attended locations that have subsequently been deemed COVID exposure sites,” Brigadier Burr said. 

“There are currently thousands of people in isolation at their homes. 

“We’re able to support the state agencies to double their personnel on the ground, to ensure the community is both aware of their status as a close contact or returning resident.”

As of August 15, the Household Engagement Program had carried out more than 21,000 visits to close contacts in Victoria. 

“We’re able to assist members of the community by providing mental health and wellbeing resources, as well as linking them up with any help they may need throughout their time in isolation,” Brigadier Burr said.

The ADF is also supporting the state government’s quarantine program, with 11 hotels across the state hosting returning travellers. 

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