Meet the Team - AOCC

Kellie Jones
Director / Comercial Engagements

Mathew Jones
Co - Director / marketing

Ben Huff
The Media Guy / Sales Representative

Liam Haven
Cupping Team Leader / Blind Taster (literally)




To help sustain military compensation advocacy

Their commitment deserves our commitment

Actions On Coffee Co.  Was born out of the necessity to provide a reimbursement stream for compensation advocates to sustain the costs incurred when assisting the growing number of veterans requiring DVA claims assistance.

This support assists in counterbalancing the attrition rate of the current volunteer base and diminishing Ex-Service Organisation advocates due to departing because of the administration expenses they incur providing their assistance.


Through profits from the sales of Coffee

We sell coffee, helping veterans

When a veteran or service family member purchases items from Actions On Coffee Co. part profits from the sales go back directly to the veteran community by supporting and sustaining compensation claims advocacy.  The remaining profits are used to replenish and build new Actions On Coffee Co. products to create a sustainable symbiotic relationship with the veteran at its heart.

We support the most knowledgeable and experienced advocates who provide direct assistance to serving personnel and their dependents to secure compensation, benefits and assistance that they are eligible to receive under the order of law.


Advocacy is the act of making representations on behalf of another to ensure that they receive a fair hearing of their case or an outcome which they seek.



When you purchase from Actions On Coffee Co. you give veterans hope,  With every sale supporting veterans, profits are used to fund welfare and veteran services.

You buy, We help

EX-Service Organisations providing Help

Department of veterans’ affairs (DVA)

To deliver government programs for war veterans, serving and former serving members of the  ADF,  Australian Federal Police and their families.