Autonomous Industries Australasia better known as (AIAUST) was founded in 2014 to meet the ever-changing environments, demands and challenges faced by multi-faceted business & government agencies alike due to vast and disparate geo-locations.

At AIAUST our mission is simple: our success is your success.


Our clients are the key to our success. This will be achieved through shared knowledge and experience, not just simply by providing a product or solution, but by meeting our client’s needs through integrating technology and internal development, helping to create dynamic solutions and reducing cost and time-to-market while value adding.

We place strong emphasis on aligning both solutions and services and providing our customers with the ability overcome their business hurdles through dynamic integration that has the ability to grow with their evolving needs and environments.

Our aim is to provide full turnkey and quick-to-deploy services and solutions that become a viable business tool for our clients and partners.