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Cooking up new adventures

Royal Australian Air Force officer Flight Lieutenant Darby Nelson from No. 17 Squadron deployed at the Spotlight Trans-Shipment Area in Lismore, during Operation Flood Assist 2022.

Just six months into her transfer to the Australian Defence Force and you couldn’t find a more Australian welcome for Flight Lieutenant Darby Nelson than a ‘snag’ in a Bunnings carpark. Except, this time it is Flight Lieutenant Nelson’s team serving up the food from their carpark campsite in Lismore, feeding the teams deployed on Operation Flood Assist 2022.

Soldier proud to help home town during floods

Corporal Charlie Morris and his sister Georgie Morris at the Rivers Secondary College in Lismore during Operation Flood Assist. Photo: Corporal Jonathan Goedhart

Corporal Charlie Morris, an infantry soldier from 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment in Adelaide, has returned to his home town of Lismore as part of Operation Flood Assist. 
Born and schooled in Lismore, Corporal Morris grew up in the neighbouring town of Caniaba with his four sisters.  
Enlisting in the Army in 2014, Corporal Morris didn’t envisage returning almost eight years later to help the community recover from devastating floods. 
“It is very personal and rewarding for me and I felt like it was my duty to come back to Lismore and contribute to the enormous recovery effort,” Corporal Morris said.
“We have felt nothing but warm welcomes and the town has been so supportive of us being here.
“I am very proud to be able to come back home to Lismore to help the community that I grew up in, and I hope Lismore gets back on its feet as fast as it can and gets back to the town that I know and love.” 
His sister, Georgie Morris, a math’s teacher at Lismore High School, spoke of how proud she was of her big brother returning to their home town to help with the clean-up. 
“My sisters and I are super proud of Charlie joining the Army,” Ms Morris said. 
“We are so appreciative of the ADF coming to our town to provide support. Every time I’ve seen an ADF person in town they are always smiling, always offering help and asking how we are going.” 
More than 3000 ADF personnel are still deployed in northern NSW on Operation Flood Assist.