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Artillery’s venerated gentleman

Left, Lieutenant Shirley Goodwin's enlistment portrait for World War I; and right, Brigadier Shirley Goodwin while deployed in New Guinea during World War II.

One of the first ashore at Anzac Cove on the day of the fateful landing was a young Australian artillery subaltern commencing his first wartime mission, with a breathtakingly onerous task to coordinate the deadly naval gunfire to support his fellow Anzacs in their desperate bid to establish a toehold on Gallipoli.

G for George disassembled

Personnel from the Air Force History and Heritage Branch working on the disassembly of the iconic Lancaster ‘G for George’.

The iconic Lancaster ‘G for George’, code AR-G, serial number W4783, operated by No. 460 Squadron during World War II, was recently disassembled by a team from the Air Force History and Heritage Branch and the Australia War Memorial Collections Services, during a four-week period.